Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 gives you the chance to win jackpots that regularly go past $20 million, while there's also a guaranteed millionaire in every draw. The latest winning numbers are announced every Wednesday and Saturday. Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to play and the prizes you can win.

How to Play Lotto 6/49

It's really easy to play Lotto 6/49. You can play online or at a Loto-Quebec retailer. You just need to select six numbers from 1 to 49 to take part. Either choose your own or opt for a Quick Play if you want a random selection picked for you at the point of purchase.

Select how many draws to enter and pay for your tickets. As well as your numbers for the main draw, you will be given a ten-digit code for the guaranteed $1 million prize draw. Here's a rundown of some more facts you need to know:

There are various other options when you play Lotto 6/49. The Extra option is available, while you can opt to 'Replay' a selection again. This saves time on filling out another playslip if you have a particular set of favourite numbers. A ticket can only be replayed within 60 days of the date of the draw it was originally valid for. Group play is also available and represents a great way of boosting your chances of winning, as you can more easily afford to purchase more entries.

If you enjoy playing several lotteries, there are some quick ways to enter games simultaneously. Choose 'Double Jeu' to enter Lotto 6/49 and Quebec 49 at the same time, 'Forfait Lottos' to add Lotto Max and Quebec Max to those two, and 'Super Forfait' to include Grande Vie in a set of all five games.

Prizes and Odds

There are seven different ways to win in each draw, and that's not even counting the guaranteed prize draw. You win prizes by matching at least two of your selected numbers to the winning numbers drawn. Match all six to win the jackpot, which starts at $5 million and keeps growing until it is won.

A Bonus Ball is also selected in each draw - from the remaining 43 numbers that are left after the main six have been drawn. This creates additional prize categories. Take a look at the table below to see all the different ways to win, the odds for each category and how the prize fund is distributed.

Category Odds of Winning Percentage of Prize Fund
Match 6 1 in 13,983,816 79.50%
Match 5 + Bonus 1 in 2,330,636 6%
Match 5 1 in 55,492 5%
Match 4 1 in 1,033 9.50%
Match 3 1 in 56.7 Fixed $10
Match 2 + Bonus 1 in 81.2 Fixed $5
Match 2 1 in 8.3 Free Play
Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 6.6

In the guaranteed prize draw, one winning code is selected at random as the one that is worth $1 million. All codes entered into the draw are unique, so the odds of winning this $1 million prize are completely dependent on how many tickets are sold.

The draw works in a similar way to Lotto 6/49 but is a separate game in which you can win up to $2 million.